3D Printers

One of the most crucial aspects of developing any new physical product is producing the first working sample. Samples and models range in functional quality from unusable to ground breaking but a good model is able to showcase at least one key component of the product and can be used as a stepping stone to better designs. The methods and techniques used to make a model also vary widely and for many hard goods 3d printers and additive manufacturing machines are increasingly being used to help improve model quality. Getting up to speed with a printer is still not all that easy (though lots of companies are claiming to help fix this) there is still a lot of knowledge required to build a good Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) model, prepare that model for printing and actually get the printer to output as expected. Of course in that process you must decide what machine your part will be printed on which can be an almost insurmountable tasks.

Every new 3D printer, and there are lots of them, has something a little unique about it. There are printers with different size capabilities, ranging from the micro scale to house sized. Printers that handle different materials, including titanium and even chocolate. Some printer simply look better than others, which may make a huge impact if they are going to sit in plain view on a desk. Regardless of the selection criterion there are a lot of printers to choose from. We have combed the web trying to collect as many printers and manufacturers as possible. Below is a list.


Url Name & Review
1 http://the3doodler.com/ 3 Doodler
2 http://www.3geometry.com/ 3 Geometry
3 https://www.3dponics.com/ 3D Ponics
4 http://www.3dstuffmakers.com/ 3D Stuffmaker
5 http://www.3dsystems.com/ 3D Systems
6 http://3dgence.com/ 3DGence
7 http://www.afinia.com/ Afinia
8 http://www.agilista.jp/ Agillista
9 http://www.zeus.aiorobotics.com/ AIO Robotics
10 http://airwolf3d.com/ Airwolf 3d
11 https://www.alephobjects.com/ Aleph Objects
12 http://arcam.com/ Arcam
13 https://www.asiga.com/ Asiga
14 http://aspect.jpn.com/ Aspect
15 http://www.aurora3dprinter.com/ Aurora 3D Printer
16 https://www.b9c.com/ B9Creations
17 https://www.ysoft.com/cs/be3d/home be3D
18 http://www.beam-machines.fr/uk/en/ BeAM
19 http://beeverycreative.com/ BeeVeryCreative
20 http://bigrep.com/1/ BigRep
21 https://www.biobots.io/ BioBots
22 http://www.blueprinter.dk/ Blueprinter
23 http://www.bobscnc.com/3d-printers.html Bob’s CNC
24 http://bootsindustries.com/ Boots Industries
25 http://3dprinter4u.com/ Builder
26 http://carima.co.kr/site/?g_country=en Carmina
27 http://cb-printer.com/ CB-Printer
28 http://robox.cel-uk.com/ Cel
29 http://www.cmet.co.jp/eng/ CMET
30 http://www.colido.com/ Colido
31 http://www.concept-laser.de/ Concept Laser
32 http://www.cosineadditive.com/ Cosine Additive
33 http://cubify.com/cube/ Cubify
34 http://deezmaker.com/ Deezmaker
35 http://www.deltamaker.com/ deltamaker
36 http://www.dfrobot.com/ DFRobot
37 https://3dprinter.dremel.com/ Dremel
38 http://www.dwssystems.com/ DWS
39 http://dwslab.com/ DWS Lab
40 http://www.eckertech.com/ Eckertech
41 http://www.3disonprinter.nl/ Edison
42 https://ember.autodesk.com/ Ember
43 http://www.envisiontec.de/ EnvisionTEC
44 http://www.eos.info/ EOS
45 http://www.exone.com/ ExOne
46 http://www.fabrisonic.com/ Fabrisonic
47 http://www.fabbster.com/ Fabster
48 http://www.farsoon.com/english/ Farsoon
49 http://www.felixprinters.com/ FELIXprinters
50 http://www.flashforge-usa.com/ FlashForge
51 http://3dbyflow.com/flow/ Flow
52 http://formlabs.com/ Formlabs
53 http://www.fusion3design.com/ Fusion3
54 http://www.gcreate.com/ gCreate
55 https://www.germanreprap.com/en/ GermanReprap
56 http://www.hic3dprinter.com/ HIC Technology
57 http://www.hyrel3d.com/ Hyrel 3D
58 http://www.iboxprinters.com/ iBox Printer
59 http://www.ilios3d.com/en/ Ilios
60 http://insstek.yehkwang.com/ InssTek
61 http://www.ioncoretechnology.com/ IonCore
62 http://ira3d.com/en/ Ira3D
63 http://www.kudo3d.com/ Kudo3D
64 https://www.lpfrg.com/ Leapfrog
65 http://www.lewihe.com/store/ Lewihe
66 http://www.lithoz.com/en/ Lithoz
67 http://www.lulzbot.com/ Lulzbot
68 http://www.luxexcel.com/ LuxeXcel
69 http://www.makex.com/ M3D
70 http://mahersoft.com/ MaherSoft
71 http://www.makeblock.cc/ Makeblock
72 http://www.makergear.com/ MakeGear
73 http://www.makerbot.com/ MakerBot
74 http://makerstoolworks.com/ MakersToolWorks
75 http://www.makex.com/ MAKEX
76 http://www.markforged.com/ Mark Forged
77 http://www.materialise.com/ Materialise NV
78 http://www.mbot3d.com/ MBot
79 http://www.mcortechnologies.com/ Mcor Technologies
80 http://www.microjet.com.tw/en/ Microjet
81 http://www.md-3d.com/ MingDa
82 http://www.moment.co.kr/main/main.asp Moment
83 http://multiphoton.net/ Multiphoton Optics
84 http://www.bq.com/uk/hephestos-2 Mundo Reader
85 http://www.nanoscribe.de/en/ Nanoscribe
86 http://www.novio3d.com/ NOVIO3D
87 https://nwreprap.com/ NW RepRap
88 http://www.optomec.com/ Optomex
89 http://www.organovo.com/ Organovo
90 http://pirate3d.com/ Pirate3D
91 http://polar3d.com/ Polar 3D
92 http://portabee3dprinter.com/ Portabee
93 https://colido.wordpress.com/ Print – Rite
94 http://www.printrbot.com/ PrintrBot
95 http://prodways.com/en/ Prodways
96 http://q3dprinter.com/ Q3D
97 http://www.realizer.com/en/ Realizer
98 http://www.renishaw.com/en/laser-melting-metal-3d-printing-systems–15240 Reinshaw
99 http://www.reprappro.com/ RepRap
100 http://www.reprapuniverse.com/ RepRapUniverse
101 http://www.sciaky.com/ Sciaky
102 http://www.china-rpm.com/en/ Shaanxi Hengtong
103 http://www.union-tek.com/en/ Shanghai Union Tek
104 http://www.slm-solutions.com/ SLM Solutions
105 http://www.solidoodle.com/ Solidoodle
106 http://www.spiderbot.eu/en/ Spider Bot
107 http://www.stratasys.com/ Stratasys
108 http://thingmaker.com/printer ThingMaker
109 http://www.tiertime.com/en/ Tiertime
110 http://www.tiertime.com/ Tiertime
111 http://www.tinkerine.com/ Tinkerine
112 http://www.trumpsystem.com/E_index.asp TPM
113 http://www.ultimaker.com/ Ultimaker
114 http://www.voxeljet.de/en/ VoxelJet
115 http://www.ideawerk3dprinter.com/ Weistek
116 http://www.binhurp.com/en/ Wuhan
117 http://www.xyzprinting.com/ XYZPrinting
118 http://zmorph3d.com/3d-printers/ Zmorph
119 https://zortrax.com/ Zortax
120 http://www.typeamachines.com/ Type A Machines
121 http://makerarm.com/ MakerArm
122 http://www.boxzy.com/ Boxzy
123 http://www.trinus3d.com/ Trinius
124 http://www.hyvision.co.kr/english/common/main.asp HyVision
125 http://carbon3d.com/ Carbon 3D
126 http://wanhaousa.com/ Wanhao
127 http://www.ctcprint.com/en/?ty=pro&op=3 CTC
128 http://www.rize3d.com/ Rize3D


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