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BeeVeryCreative – A 3D Printer With Strong Branding


Slick looking desktop 3D printers abound these days, and not to be outdone the Portugese firm BeeVeryCreative has been pushing their machine hard. This FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printer is designed to be compact and, with a fold out handle on top, portable. Though portability may not be entirely necessary for anyone doing serious design work it could come in handy for classrooms and makers that shift between shared work spaces. Reviews for the printer quality put it’s ease of usability higher than other printers, but the customizability of the settings form the proprietary software leaves much to be desired. In short it is not possible, out of the box, to tweak settings such as temperature or print speed that are required to optimize prints.

What BeeVeryCreative lacks in high end usability they make up for in sheer branding and design prowess. Their website, marketing materials, and social presensce reflect a background in consumer products goods. This experience will serve them well if the consumer 3d printing market takes off but current DIY hobbists, makers and professional are unlikely to be won over. A 58 page branding style guide(PDF Link) may make sense for a mass market printer designed for a consumer market but given that state of the industry and the age of BeeVeryCreative, launched in 2013, it is unlikely that the exact placement of their logo on a t-shirt is more important than printer usability.


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