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Simple Raspberry Pi Tasks

What can be done with a Raspberry Pi 3? The wildly popular $35 computer and the $5 cousin, the Pi Zero are great for do it yourself computing projects.

With so many fun potential projects my Pi purchase was just the start of a mini-obsession. Not only did the Pi immediately prove useful as a second computer for simple browsing but it also serves as a potential embedded control board for anything IoT related. Each of the potential uses proved to be a learning experience including everything from Python coding, to soldering, to brushing up on CAD design skills and even some word working.

Along the way a lot of simple actions became re-useable. Rather than reinventing the wheel I was able to repurpose simple actions, like taking a picture or turning on a light, to get the intended use. Here is a list of tasks that can be done.

  1. Take Screen Captures and Record a Display
  2. Display a specific page automatically (Kiosk Mode)
  3. Use an iPhone or iPad to Control the Pi
  4. Work in 2D CAD (LibreCAD)
  5. Read Barcodes or QR Codes
  6. Control a 3D Printer Remotely With OctoPi
  7. Run Amazon Alexa to have a Voice Activated Smart Home
  8. Wearable Body Cam
  9. Browse the Web with A $10 Computer
  10. Flash an Image to an SD card
  11. Make a home Cloud for extra backups
  12. Manage Spreadsheets and Documents
  13. Add a Camera to the Pi
  14. Stream the Camera to the Internet
  15. Create a security camera
  16. Detect Other Bluetooth Devices (Use as a bluetooth beacon)

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